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Home Watch Services
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Tailored Home Watch Services 

Regular Pro​perty Checks:  Scheduled checks for any signs of issues or damage.

Security Checks:  Ensuring that all doors, windows, and entry points are secure to prevent unauthorized access.

Utility Checks:  Verifying that all utilities (water, electricity, gas) are functioning properly and identifying any potential leaks.

Mail & Package Management:   
Collecting mail and packages to prevent the appearance of an empty home and deterring theft.

Temperature and Humidity Monitoring:  Monitoring and adjusting temperature and humidity levels to prevent issues like mold or frozen pipes.

Appliance Checks :  Verifying that major appliances are in working order and addressing any malfunctions promptly.

Local Point of Contact :  Acting as a local point of contact in case of emergencies, coordinating with local services when needed.

Documented Reporting:  Providing detailed reports after each visit, including photographs, to keep homeowners informed about the property's condition.

Keyholder Services:  Holding keys for emergencies and providing access to authorized individuals as needed.


FAQ 1: Do we need a "Home Watch Service" while we are away ? Did you know that your insurance agreement requires regular check-ins on your home to avoid the risk of policy voidance and potential costly repairs? When you enter into an agreement with your insurance company, part of the deal is to prevent your home from being left vacant for too long. Insurers typically mandate home check-ins every 48 to 72 hours. It is important to understand and comply with the specific requirements of your insurance policy when you go away.
FAQ 2: What is the purpose of a "Home Watch Service" ?  A home watch service involves a visual inspection of a residence or property to identify any apparent issues.  Findings are then submitted on a report to the owner to help prevent or address issues, ensuring the property owner's peace of mind. 

FAQ 3: Is a "Home Watch Service" a security service? Our home watch service is not a security service, although it can contribute to home security by providing a visible presence.
FAQ 4: What happens if an issue is detected while your away ? In emergencies we will address the issue swiftly and safely, considering cost-effectiveness. For non-emergencies, property owners will be notified to decide on the appropriate course of action.

FAQ 5: Do we offer additional services ? Yes, we may offer various additional services tailored to individual needs. These can include scheduling, coordinating with contractors, and providing specialized concierge services. We offer services to prepare homes for an owner's absence and ready them for their return. Inquire about our concierge services and discuss any unique requirements. 

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